When it was all just a dream 

▪️16th August 2014▪️

The day you were placed inside Mummy with a little help from science.

How that time has flown by. I remember that day like it was yesterday. The excitement and anxiety. The hope and the real fear. Fighting to have you both in my womb rather than one of you, like the Drs wanted. Being afraid to pee afterwards in case you both popped out 😂 

We spent that evening with your Nanny and Grandad, Uncle Granty and Auntie Elle. We laughed and relaxed and ate Indian food while you snuggled in tight. 

Ever since that day I have loved and cherished you, my miracle babies. We’ve not had an easy run of it but I wouldn’t change a thing. You are perfect and I love you with all that I am. 

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