Our adventure begins

We had a planned csection due to Violet being breech and Henry being transverse (lying across my belly). We got our date for it 6 days before at my “36 week” scan and consultant appointment. I can remember thinking “oh my goodness that’s  next week!” 

The morning of the big day we both woke early after getting minimal sleep from excitement and anxiety. We had been told to get to the hospital first thing as we were due to be first on the surgery list.
My parents picked us up and dropped us at the hospital. It all felt very surreal. We setup camp in the maternity ward at a window bed. Two little cots were wheeled in and they asked us if we had any hats etc for the babies. We placed our hand knitted hats inside, 2 x pink and 2 x blue as their genders were a surprise.

After having observations completed and changing into my lovely NHS hospital gown, I was duly informed we were going second so would head to theatre about 11. Time went by very slowly. The nerves built as did my fear of something going wrong.

Strangely I was very calm about the surgery itself. Only concerned for my babies.

When we got the green light we headed down the corridor to the operating theatre. I had the cannula and spinal block completed and was setup on the table. It was a very strange and dreamlike time. So many people milling around, music playing in the background and a building anticipation.

The strange sensation of the spinal block starting to work and the fear that I might feel something suddenly hit me. Then seeing my husband in blue scrubs brought it all home that little bit more. We stared at each other, holding hands. The surgeon announced that they had begun and that Twin 1 (Violet) was very fiesty as she was kicking her!

The screen came partly down and then shot back up. In all honesty I didn’t think much of it with emotions running so very high. I felt a lot of tugging and was literally being pulled about on the table. It was very odd but luckily didn’t make me nauseous as it does to some poor ladies! 

A short few minutes passed and the screen dropped down, all the way this time. The emotions I felt seeing a beautiful baby boy thrust in the air were like nothing I could have ever imagined. We had a son, a boy! I cried, my husband cried and we kissed and cried some more. 

Shortly after the midwife asked my husband if he wanted to meet his son. Oh my heart, the love and pure emotion that poured out of me. He went off and cut Henrys umbilical cord and watched as he was checked over and cleaned up. 

Meanwhile I lay on the table being stitched up, gently sobbing happy tears. The anaesthetist came over and told me that we also had a baby girl. I couldn’t believe it. A boy and a girl. Our family was complete. He asked if we had names, “Violet and Henry” I said, without hesitation. 

Henry was placed onto my chest and I held him close to me, telling him how loved and wanted he was. Violet joined us a little while after and the sheer bliss of holding my miracle babes was immeasurable. My dreams had come true.

The hats were too big so some bandage ones had to do!

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