Both Violet and Henry struggled to gain weight for weeks after birth. Henry started to race ahead from 4-6 weeks of age. Whereas Violet was still struggling to suckle. 

This changed dramatically between 6 – 8 weeks when Violet started to sort of suckle and took bigger feeds. She was catching Henry up weight wise. We were so excited, felt like we were finally turning a corner.

Then WHAM! Silent reflux appeared from nowhere. Screaming ALL DAY long. And I mean all day. Refused feeds or started a feed then screamed after an oz. Weight gain stopped and we were living a nightmare. Poor Violet was in a state, arching her back, turning her head as far away from the bottle as physically possible, screaming in pain, it was just horrendous.

We went to the GP, he suggested cows milk protein allergy which goes hand in hand with silent reflux generally and prescribed a hypoallergenic milk called Nutrimagen. 

This initially seemed to help but soon a couple of weeks later it was just as bad. Infant gaviscon was then added. This made no difference  either. We were referred to the children’s ward at the hospital.

The consultant took one look at her arching etc and said she was showing all symptoms of silent reflux. He prescribed omeprezole. This was a solution and it tasted awful. Violet would scream every time we administered it. It was awful. Again after no improvement another medication called ranitidine was prescribed, again this did nothing.

We were starting to lose all hope to be honest. Next domperidone was prescribed after Violet had come tests completed at the hospital – it can affect people with undiagnosed heart conditions. Again this didn’t help.

Next consultation resulted in a new prescription milk being prescribed Neocate LCP. This had an immediate effect. It turns out Nutrimagen that she had been on all that time still contained a small amount of milk protein. So this was why nothing had helped! Neocate has no protein included so caused no problems. 

Violet was a different baby. It was wonderful. She still had bouts of awful silent reflux but not all day, everyday. Weight gain was slow but it was there! 

We were now under our first Consultant Paediatrician to monitor reflux and CMPA. Violet was about 6 months old.

Henry was a thriving, chubby little baby. A constant reminder to us that Violet had a way to go.

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