Bright Sunshine in the Darkness

Without fail Violet has always been the happiest little girl – well after the reflux days! She makes you smile when you are feeling sad, her big blue eyes look into yours and you fall in love all over again. Violet is blessed with the kind of smile that is infectious, it’s a wonderful thing. Violet didn’t smile until about 7 months old, she is sure making up fur it now!

Having a non-verbal (at the moment) child means you notice EVERYTHING else about them. Every little facial expression, you learn to understand what they are trying to express, well, through trial and error. Violet is so expressive and now has little vocal noises she makes to emphasise choices, I.e. Yes and No. 

Before we had any equipment, I would hold Violet in my arms 90% of the day. Not easy with infant twins! This meant so many extra snuggles. Violet gives great snuggles! Even now with a shed full (literally) of equipment we have tons of snuggles each day. 

She has a wicked sense of humour and is the cheekiest little monkey. We call her calamity Jane as she loves drama, someone tripping over, sneezing or a disaster, it’s all hilarious! My goodness her little laugh is the most beautiful sound. 

Now the twin bond between Violet and Henry, that is something else. Still too young to really understand their differences, Henry is a boisterous, noisy and messy whirlwind. I’m often having to intervene in their interactions, such a shame as they love playing together. There are special moments each day when I catch them gazing lovingly into each other’s eyes or holding hands. So beautiful.

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