Firsts, but not the usual kind

We have had a lot of “firsts” with both our beautiful twins. Henry sat up at 5 months, crawled at 7 months and walked at 10 months. Violet smiled at 7 months, started Physiotherapy at 13 months and got her first piece of equipment at 15 months which allowed her to sit-up comfortably and play with her brother. 

They are vastly different children, there is no good that comes from comparison. They are individuals, with individual journeys but lucky enough to share them with each other. 

I’ll share a few poignant “firsts” that spring to mind for Violet. 

Violet was given a “Jenx corner chair” on loan while a seating system was sorted out for her. Her little face the first time she used this to sit up was just a picture of happiness. To have a bit of independence, it was lovely.

A hard “first” for us as parents was having the rep visit with the seating system Violet was going to have long term. By chance my husband was also home. He was shell shocked at the sight of the chair and it hurt my heart so much. It is a HARD process coming to terms with the fact your little girl is not going to have a “standard” life, we don’t like the term “normal” because what’s normal anyway?! Seeing that first real piece of special needs equipment was hard, especially for her daddy who was still in a deep denial. 

Violets first encounter with a general anaesthetic is something that neither of us ever wants to experience again. It was horrific, so much so that my husband cried. I can count on one hand how many times he has cried in our 10 years together, so you can understand how bad it must have been. The anaesthetic was for Violets MRI which is a long and painful story for later on. 

Back to positives! Violets first laugh around the age of 8 months sticks in my mind like a flame in the dark. A wonderful moment, I will never forget. We waited so long to hear that beautiful sound. Daddy was giving her machine gun kisses to the cheek and neck and she started laughing. We were both in shock, he did it some more and the laughter flowed! Since then Violet has developed the most amazing sense of humour and laughs throughout the day. 

I also remember the first time Henry had a fit of giggles – real belly laughs. We were all away as a family for my brothers wedding. On one of the last days we ventured out for lunch and afterwards as we sat chatting Henry was playing with Daddy and my brother. He suddenly found Daddy’s antic hilarious and the sound of baby belly laughs filled the air. There is nothing quite like that sound, it brings a big smile to my face every time I think about it. They were 5 months old. That seems like a lifetime ago now. 

My favourite ever first happened yesterday. Henry told Violet he loved her, stroked her hair and cuddled her while Violet stared lovingly at him with a beaming smile. That made my heart melt and tears to my eyes. My beautiful twins, their amazing bond fills me with such joy.

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