Early years kept bringing up the topic of nursery, what were my plans? I had no plans, I hadn’t given it the foggiest of thoughts. 

They mentioned about a particular nursery in a nearby town that was also part of an amazing SEN (special educational needs) school. The nursery was an integrated one, meaning that both SEN and mainstream children attend. Both Violet and Henry could go to the same nursery. I had a big cry. It wasn’t something I have ever thought would be possible. 

We were told they only take children on from the age of two. I enquired about prices etc. We would fund Henry and Violets would be funded. I arranged to visit the school  to speak to the headmistress and view the nursery.

Through the portage service I had already met two amazing women that work with the school. One of which who was based at the nursery. Such a warm, caring and bubbly lady that Violet loved.

When we visited the school I was blown away at how welcoming and lovely all of the staff were. The headteacher was amazing, as was the nursery manager. 

The nursery itself was full of happy, busy children. A modern and mainly openplan layout with its own sensory pod, softplay area and gorgeous outdoor areas. 

The staff were lovely. I felt immeadiately at peace and knew they would be well cared for there. I placed both of their names down on the waiting lists. They only have a max of 12 SEN children at anytime so I knew it would be difficult to get Violet a space. Luckily we did! 

We had a settling in session for both just before their second birthday which was wonderful. They both loved it. Each doing different activities and meeting new friends.

After they turned 2, both Violet and Henry started nursery. Half days to start off with. Both took to it really well, bar a few normal attachment issues at drop off time. 

We noticed a massive difference in Violet. I knew they both needed the extra interaction and one to one play etc but the impact it was having was amazing. 

They both grew up so quickly! A little girl and boy now as opposed to my babies. Violet made friends in various children, some in her own group and others in Henrys. Such a joy to hear of their interactions, made my heart skip a beat and tears to well in my eyes each time.

A couple of times at pick up I have walked in to Violet holding hands with one of her friends. Oh my heart. Such simple but such beautiful moments. 

Towards the end of their second term, approaching the summer hols. Violet was excelling in her exercises “work” as nursery calls it and had got into the nursery spirit. Joining in with the noisy drama sessions that she would cower away from at the start. Enjoying circle time and time in the garden. 

Since their return after the summer holiday, both have settled in again as if there had been no break. Violet enjoys her days thoroughly and is now refusing to nap – I think she doesn’t want to miss out on anything! She is enjoying all activities at the main school, the transition between settings was previously a real issue. Not anymore.

I have complete and utter admiration and love for the wonderful woman that nurture my sweet children. They are incredible and make such an amazing difference to our lives. I cannot thank them enough for what they do not only for V and H but for me too. I can rest easy knowing they are in their care. Not an easy thing to accomplish, I can tell you. 

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