It’s been emotional

2017 what a year. A rollercoaster that has seen some terrible, terrible lows, crazy loop the loops and wonderful, breathtaking highs.

We have learnt so much, so quickly. Been thrust even deeper into a very isolated and “select” group of individuals, who share similar journeys as ours. We’ve battled government bodies for help and won. We’ve seen new equipment come into Violets daily routine. We’ve broadened our support networks considerably.

We’ve had harrowing experiences of general anaesthetics, surgery, hospital stays, four seizures, many, many illnesses that have resulted in hospital visits.

We have experienced incredibly kindness and generosity. Violet has received huge support from a children’s charity local to us. They have made such a difference and we are so thankful.

We have grown stronger, we have overcome so much, fought through the hard times and are looking forward to a new year. A year of endless possibilities, experiences and adventures.

Next on the agenda is starting Violet with Conductive education This is provided by a children’s charity and means a 3hr round trip each session but I believe it will be worth it. We shall try!

Happy new year, 2018 we are coming for you!

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