Let talk about poo

A little off the usual beaten track of the blog, this post is not for the faint of heart or squeamish.

Violet has never been “normal” when it comes to number twos. After birth she didn’t pass meconium for 2-3 days. Which I learnt on our most recent hospital visit isn’t normal….

Once home, Violet suffered from either diarrhoea or constipation, never achieving the ideal number 3 on the Bristol stool chart.

At eight weeks Violet was struck with CMPA (cows milk protein allergy) and silent reflux. Her bowel movements were all over the place.

For the next six months it was a never ending flurry of medications and milk changes to get the right balance. As you can imagine this had a real affect on Violets tummy and number twos.

Once the reflux and cmpa was addressed and we found the best prescription formula. We then entered into a constipation pattern that has been largely the same from 8 months of age to 2.5 years. Violet would pass a movement every 4/5 days sometimes it would take about 10 days. We were prescribed movicol sachets for V to take when it was bad to help her go.

When in this pattern, V would pass very large stools when she finally did go. It would take lots of warm baths, tummy massages, bouncing on mummy’s knee, back rubs and the movicol.

Just before Christmas Violet was really constipated. It had been 12 days. Fluid intake had been awful, she had been unwell since October on and off and it had taken its toll.

At a regular paediatrician appointment I mentioned concerns around Violets constipation. After a quick examination it was confirmed that Violet had an impacted faecal mass. We were referred to the hospital.

After lots of nurses and doctors having a feel of the impaction, Violet had a suppository enema which worked very quickly. Within 3-4 minutes V passed massive “eye watering” stools. Five of them over a 20 minute period. I was flabbergasted. How on earth had all that fitted inside my skinny little girl?

We started a new regime of constipation drugs as movicol wasn’t working for us. Violets fluid intake is so poor that we just can’t get the extra 125ml into her daily. So lactulose and senokot were prescribed.

We have religiously given these new meds each day. Most days V has been passing a great movement. However things started to slow down and we were soon seeing little number 5s on the chart (sticky smelly poos) and no real movements.

Violet woke one morning very uncomfortable, couldn’t settle in any position and I knew it had to be her tummy bothering her. I gave her a quick feel and could feel a smallish hard mass high up in her bowel.

Another trip to the children’s ward and another suppository enema later, Violet passed 2 large stools. We had her med dosage adjusted and were sent home with enemas for mummy to administer when required. I had to fight to get those enemas to take home. The doctor asked about when V passed the meconium after birth and stated that children that do not pass it within 24hrs of birth tend to have bowel problems later on.

We are awaiting a referral to the constipation clinic where V may trial a daily home enema procedure. We have also been advised to up Violets fluid intake as much as possible as this will aid Violet to go better. Something we are really trying to do.

Violet is prone to constipation due to severe hypotonia – lack of muscle tone and her cerebral palsy. Both mean that the usual bowel contractions do not work to move poo along the bowel. And now that Violet has suffered impaction and is prone to it, her bowel has stretched which means that there will be little to no contractions in her bowel. Medication is the only way to help Violet pass her poos.

I hate that at such a young age Violet is already reliant on medication to just have a poo. Thank goodness for modern medicine. I hate to see my sweet girl in pain.

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