Bed Dread

We’ve had a large amount of specialist equipment come into our lives. From bath seats, a specialist trike, a seating system, gait trainer, standing frame, buggy, GoTo seat, Scooot etc.

All of these things I have embraced with open arms, I have only ever seen them as much needed aides. My husband and family have been brought to tears at the sight of our little princess in her equipment but it has never had that affect on me.

That is, until recently when the specialist bed was ordered. The colour scheme is hideous, who on earth though bright yellow, blue and green would be perfect colours for a bed?! Especially a unisex bed. It’s the size of and looks exactly like a hospital bed. Hospital beds never bring you good memories do they.

After our recent flurry of hospital stays, I certainly wasn’t keen on having a constant reminder of them in our house. My sweet girl in a garish monstrosity of a bed.

I had so many sleepless nights, I physically felt sick whenever I thought about it. Rationally I knew that the functionality of the new bed would be amazing for us all. It’s hi-lo and tilt functions much needed now that our angel is getting longer and heavier.

My heart was just so sad. Sad that this was our reality. Sad that Violet wasn’t getting a pretty princess bed like she deserved. Sad that she will need those side bumpers for the foreseeable. Sad that the bumpers will obscure her view of her twin brothers bed. Just sad.

The morning of delivery I was a mess. Palpitations, sick to my stomach. I had brought a huge array of stickers and embellishments to try and disguise the bed as much as possible. But that sick feeling wouldn’t shift.

I was floored when the dreaded bed arrived. Once assembled and setup with cream padded covers on the bumpers and ends, it looked nothing like it had without them. It looked ok. My heart rate slowed and I could focus on my job at hand. To make this shell of a bed fit for my princess.

With pretty bedding, teddies and stickers I created a lovely space for my little girl. In that moment I felt so full of love, excited for her to see it. The negative thoughts gone, banished. Another hurdle done.

One thought on “Bed Dread

  1. lifeandotherstories1 says:

    I know how you feel about equipment – I have 2 with CP so it feels like we have double of everything & more wheelchairs than in shop mobility!
    but as you say they do all serve a purpose.
    I also hated it when Nathan was given a bed by the Authority – at 20 he really wasn’t that bothered by the look – but we were horrified that the mattress stunk of smoke & had been used by at least 2 different people. We remedied that by buying our own mattress.
    I’m glad you feel better about the bed now. It’s amazing what a bit decoration can do isn’t it? I’m sure your little girl loves it xx


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