A naughty little left arm and hands adventures.

Flinging themselves around, doing all kinds of dance moves. The life and soul of the party. Always ready to get involved in the action. Whether that’s poking eyes, scattering toys as far as the eye can see or causing general chaos and mayhem.

Amused by knocking the most potent stain making foods off of spoons at every opportunity. Not to mention the cups of thickened, highly sticky juice!

Caressing and then pulling vigorously at hair, not fussy who’s, the cats, mummy’s fringe, grandads beard, daddy’s hair or even your own hair.

Adept at grasping glasses from the faces of loved ones, flinging them haphazardly with glee.

Momentarily grasping and holding onto their very own Grabzi bar. Letting rightie have a bit of limelight for a while. It’s only fair isn’t it?!

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