Siblings – me & you

I’m a boy and you’re a girl, twins forever and friends for life.

We shared Mummy’s tummy, it was our cosy home. Then into the world, our journeys begin, together, never alone.

You and I are different you see, I like cars and trucks while you like ponies and princesses.

You like pink, I like green. Your bed is covered in flowers and fairies, mines a racing car.

You have cool toys like your walker, scooot and trike, I have my tractor, scooter and balance bike.

When we have a bath I want to sit in your seat, it looks so comfy and fun. But I have to wait until your done.

You get magic milk down your tube, or from your bottle, having snuggles in mummy’s arms. I drink my milk lying on the floor, it’s my thing. I like to suck up my juice through a straw.

I eat with my hands, fork and spoon, I ask mummy to feed me sometimes like you. All mashed up and easy to eat, it will make us strong from our head to our feet.

You talk with your eyes and I talk with my mouth. I’m really loud and that makes you laugh.

I love to make you giggle, it’s my favourite sound. You like it when I shout and run, round and round.

You see lots of doctors and go to the hospital a lot, I spend time with Nanny, we play lots of games, I like to call the shots.

We go to the same nursery. We both love to play outside and share a lot of friends. We see each other throughout the day, for cheeky hugs or smiles.

We will face challenges and stumble along the way, but we will have each other to put a smile on our face at the end of every day.

You are my sister, my best friend, I will be here for you, my love for you will never end.

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