I can’t stop staring at Violets beautiful unblemished skin and feeling physically sick that she will be gaining scars next week. A long incision scar and the GTube insertion site too.

The decision to start tube feeding was brutally hard for us in January. But we have always known it’s the right decision, it still is. There’s no doubting that. Violet rarely accepts more than one meal a day orally if that and very, very little fluids.

We know that a GTube will be much better for V than her current NG tube. It will allow a continuous pump feed overnight. Giving V the freedom to eat what she wants and when during the day – to encourage oral feeds and try and get her feeling of hunger back again.

It will mean no more horrible insertions of tubes down Vs nose and throat, that she absolutely hates. It will mean no more soreness to her cheeks and nose. And the ophthalmology team are hopeful it will reduce Vs constant eye infections too.

That is all positive and amazing. Yet, she’s my baby. The thought of her going through her third general anaesthetic and second surgery fills me with dread.

We will get through this my little warrior princess. We are made of tough stuff ❤️

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